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Welcome to Neom Eduction Management System. The online School/College/Institute Management ERP to manage infrastructure.

Neom Education

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, there has been a global shut down of educational institutions, interrupting studies all around the world. However, in such bleak times, the future should not suffer. To aid the resumption of regular curriculum, we offer the best possible solution. The NEOM Education Management System is a one-stop solution for schools, colleges and universities around the world where students can professionally continue with their studies while sitting at home!

Why Us

With an IT specialized background and several successful projects under our belt, our rapid application development teams and services assure a high-quality learning experience with Neom! You can continue uninterrupted study sessions at home from anywhere in the world. Not only can you interact with your classmates and teachers via seamless live steaming sessions, but can access the notes and other related content any time you log in on the platform.

What Is It

Neom is an education management system, where students from all over the world connect with teachers from home. In light of the current situation, parents can utilize their children’s break in getting lessons online. We are here to ensure that there are no hurdles in the way of education! 

What We Do

We provide a platform that makes homeschooling more accessible to pupils all around the world. Teachers and students can have either one-on-one live sessions (which can be recorded and stored) or access to the curriculum content as it is uploaded. With our site’s elevated features such as a student course certificate generator, student-instructor messaging, public instructions and an intuitive course player, we have transformed online learning into a vivid and practical experience, subtracting any possible difficulties from the process.  With an advanced course manager drag and drop, course videos, a lesson builder, quizzes, student dashboard, a teacher dashboard, etc. there are several options available for students and teachers that allow them to interact smoothly. 

Who We Help

We bind teachers, students, and parents together to maximize the students’ learning progress. We assist universities, colleges, primary schools, public schools or anyone who wants to continue with their education at home. Teachers can use this platform to continue providing lectures to their students as well as upload daily homework. The biggest advantage is that they don’t necessarily have to set up online live-streams to teach, they can also assign work or upload daily video lectures for students to watch. Parents can also use the platform to keep a check on the progress of their children. 

How Does It Work?

Neom is extremely practical regardless of where you’re using it from. The software can be easily attached to the institute’s website, hosted on a server of their choice, in a country of their choice. Not only that, schools can also upload their own database with a secure backup that we ensure. All of this can be done on a school’s domain, thus ensuring full security and a smooth learning process in a home-environment. 

Choose Neom Education Management System, to ensure a secure learning experience from anywhere around the world. We make online schooling come to life, making sure there are no disruptions in the way of education!

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